Jess L. –Aliso Viejo, CA

        ★★★★★ 2/10/2018

         love them!! such a friendly and helpful team! so sweet and professional and very reasonable with prices!

Justin C.- Anaheim, CA
        ★★★★★ 1/25/2018

         Excellent work and great service. I thought that the price was also very competitive. He installed a new furnace,  and a.c. system. We could not be happier.
         We have recommended him to friends and family.

Tony W. –Santa Ana, CA

         ★★★★★ 1/16/2018

        Chris is as awesome as everyone’s reviews.  My experience is that he responded to me during the month of December.
        He took on a very complex, 29 yrs old unit, and made the effort to locate the circuit board for it.
        Then he was responsive about setting up a date/time to do the project. He came out and spent over 4 hrs, hustled up and down the attic where the unit was at and only charged us for parts          and 2.5hrs. This guy is GOOD!

Arlene C. –Anaheim, CA
         ★★★★★ 8/8/2017

         Chris Hurley is awesome! Friendly, so knowledgeable, honest…he was able to diagnose and FIX our ancient air conditioning unit on a monsoonal day with a high of 95°
         We are so glad we found him on Yelp! Thanks so much, Chris! 

          P.S. We hope you did well in your mountain bike race on Saturday!  :~)

 Jimmy P. – Costa Mesa, Ca

         ★★★★★ 4/30/2017

         Thank you Chris and Jayne for being awesome.
         Owner and installer Chris is honest, provides competitive pricing and produces creative and high quality work.
         After receiving a few bids, we worked with Hurley Air Conditioning for installation of a new furnace and  air conditioning unit with new ducting and insulation.

Lionize L. – Huntington Beach, CA

★★★★★ 7/12/2016

Called this company on the recommendation of a friend. Chris came out and gave us a detailed estimate far less than any other company. We agreed to have our AC installed the next week, Very honest, reliable and great work.

David M. – Tustin, CA

★★★★★ 4/14/2016

Customer service is their middle name. I had my heater air conditioning unit completely replaced. Prior to his installation I advised of one south facing room that never seemed to cool down. He made some suggestions and installed an inline booster fan which solved my problem. I even had the ducting replaced at a later service. His price is competitive and he stands behind his work. He freely explains great details as to what he is doing and why.

He recommended a thermostat which included a remote allowing me to carry the remote from room to room. It is nice to be able to carry the remote into the bedroom at night to regulate the room temperature instead of relying on a wall thermostat located completely on a different floor.

He is available by phone during working hours M-F. His wife coordinates his work schedule and is prompt with answers.

gerald p. – Huntington Beach, CA

★★★★★ 10/29/2015

WOW, great price and excellent work. Chris showed up on time with everything needed to complete the install on time. Also dealing with his better half “Jane” was easy when scheduling as I had a couple of hip-cups along the way that she resolved no problem. They are the way to go if you need any HVAC work!

David K. – Lomita, CA

★★★★★ 8/31/2014

Heard about this Company on Anaheim Hills Buzz….Chris went out of his way to come fix my A/C and he was very nice! Would highly recommend them!!!!

Carol L. – Orange, CA

★★★★★ 8/18/2014

My A/C went out on a Sunday during a heat wave. Chris Hurley came the next day and replaced a part on my 18 year old unit. He didn’t try to sell me a new unit as mine was no longer broken. His bill for the part and service call was very reasonable and a lot less than I expected for a rush call. I would highly recommend Hurley. It’s difficult to find anyone to come out during a heat wave but you know Chris will fit you in and be honest.

David F. – Orange, CA

★★★★★ 11/25/2013

I found Chris on Yelp after my heater wouldn’t turn on and he was able to come over to troubleshoot the problem that same day. I was very impressed with his response time and felt that his rates were quite reasonable. He explained in detail what the problem was and was able to get the right parts to fix the issue very quickly. I always prefer working with local independent technician’s and he did an excellent job in helping me out. I will use Chris for all of my heating and a/c needs in the future. Highly recommend him!

eileen h. – Orange, CA

★★★★★ 8/1/2013

Excellent service. I purchased my central air from this company through my contractor several years ago. I waited too long to change my filter this year, and a coil froze, so the air stopped working. I called Hurley Air Conditioning, and Chris Hurley came out right away ( a big concern was my 90 year old mom s health), diagnosed the issue, and took care of it promptly, at a low cost. He did not try to upsell me as I have read other compaies often do; instead he gave me some good pointers on what to do in the future. He was very professional, as was his wife, Jane, who took my original call. Although I do not expect to need his service again, I highly recommend him if you need to install or repair your air conditioning/heating unit.

Ellen S. – Irvine, CA

★★★★★ 6/23/2013

I first met the owner Chris Hurley 3 yrs ago when spotted his truck working at a neighbors installing air conditioner. I asked for a free estimate on heater and a/c repairs. He was very kind, soon arrived and gave me an estimate one fifth the price of a prior estimate. I was skeptical until speaking with him and it was clear he’s an honest man takes pride in his workmanship. He came back a day later with his polite helper and fixed several things cost me about $200.

The work looked perfect with better looking metal hose connectors. No one could do any better work than this company it’s like a work of art, always making sense and extremely reasonable. Chris communicates completely what’s the issues are and what he’s going to do ahead of time. If you use him you will be totally satisfied! Hurley heating and Air Conditioning is superior workmanship with most reasonable price ever! Awesome dealing with this company.

Now, recently my air conditioner broke after 15 years. 3 years ago when Chris Hurley repaired my a/c unit he talked me out of buying new one showing how mine was still fine with little repair. This time called wrong company they gave me quote of 4,780 then I searched and searched until luckily found Hurley heating and air conditioner card. Soon, Chris Hurley came checked my a/c agreed needed new one which is now installed with extra work done converting venting etc. to new refrigerant total cost including new thermostat was $2840. Love the honest price and especially love how the workmanship is professional. It’s NOT a shabby, messy job when the work is done, instead everything looks awesome!

Next, I plan to have my one story vent duct system replaced for $800 instead of what that other company quoted me which was 2743. Chris Hurley is a great honest hardworking person. I feel safe knowing he and his worker have done the work. Don’t ever use anyone else for all your heating and a/c problems. His wife is wonderful too calling to schedule him and keeping me updated on a/c supply delivery. These people and their company is best of the best!

Very professional, nice, considerate attitude made me feel safe as a single woman getting repairs on my home. This time I put Hurley’s phone number in my cell so I never pay to have an estimate and will always rest peacefully if there’s a problem with my heater next I’m ready to call honest Chris Hurley. Amazing work at amazing price. 🙂

Jeff W. – Westminster, CA

★★★★★ 12/20/2012

A friend referred Hurley Air a few years ago when the furnace in my grandma’s house needed repair. They did such a great job, that when our furnace stopped working this year, I gave them a call. They responded quickly and came out the next morning.

They diagnosed the issues with (what we assume to be) the original furnace in our home. He explained everything in detail, and told us what it would take to repair it. Based on its age and condition, he suggested that we replace it with a more energy efficient model. We decided a replacement model was the best choice, and they were able to schedule the install two business days later.

They showed up promptly on the appointed day and had the old furnace out in no time. They cleaned out the furnace closet, and went to work installing our new Rheem furnace. Within a couple of hours the job was complete and our new furnace was warming up the house.

We are very impressed with the quality of work and craftsmanship. They truly take pride in what they do. Chris Hurley and his wife Jayne are extremely friendly, offered the best customer service, and made the whole process painless. The price was great too. After talking with several neighbors who replaced their furnace, we now realize that we got a very good deal. We can’t say enough good things about Hurley Air. Highly recommended.

Tina T. – Huntington Beach, CA

★★★★★ 9/14/2011

It has been 3 or 4 years since Hurley worked on my house. We found him through a referral list of a neighbors work. He was wonderful to work with. We replaced our existing furnace moving it from the garage to the attic, added air conditioning and replaced all the duct work and vents. A year or so later, he aided us with some heating repairs for a very low-income family member. Because we were paying for the benefit of someone else, he gave us a incredible rate. I cannot say enough good things about this man. He shows up when he says, does the job he agrees to, for the price he said he would. Very, very easy to work with. My husband and I both feel we have a new friend. If you need heating and air conditioning work, you really should look no further than Chris Hurley!