Because I am the one who would be coming back if there is a problem, we want reliable equipment as much as you do. We never attempt to boost our profit with accessories that have a high failure rate, these features often lead to untimely breakdowns. We’re more about the ‘heart and soul’ of the job and keeping you up and running; the no-nonsense approach.

We have been installing Rheem products since 1990 and have found it to be very reliable with long warrantees. We are backed by a strong technical support team from the counter to the jobsite and treated professionally by our supplier.


Rheem products are continuously rated very high by Consumer Reports Magazine in dependability and least likely to need repairs.

We use Honeywell Thermostats along with any other controls, zone systems etc. that we install.

You can rest assured that we will not install a product in your home that we do not have complete confidence in.


Rheem Main-Line Equipment (Classic series)

Furnace R801P (80% AFUE)

R801P Series

Not the low-end ‘tract’ version, this is the main Furnace we install. It is extremely reliable with everything you need, nothing you don’t. And the Furnace we would most likely recommend for your home if you’re looking for the most bang for your dollar. 

20 year Warranty on heat exchanger, 10 yrs on remaining parts


Condensing Unit RA14 Series:


R14 Series

A great match for the above furnace, a very durable unit that completes a no-nonsense approach to a value minded home owner. A quiet running condenser that has given us hardly any problems to speak of over the years. 

This is a 14 SEER system when matched together, and the equipment we install in all the custom homes we’re involved with. 

10 Year warranty on Compressor and all parts.


Prestige Series

Furnace R802V

Prestige Series

2 Stage Heating with a variable speed ECM blower motor that quietly ramps up deliver the exact amount of airflow necessary. This also raises the efficiency of the Condensing Unit by approx. 1 SEER, along with improved control over humidity. The ‘soft’ start and stops also make it a great choice when the Furnace is in a location where quiet operation is important.

*Limited lifetime warranty on Heat Exchanger, 10 yrs on remaining parts.


96% Prestige Series

Furnace R96V

R96V Series

Also equipped with an ECM variable speed motor, plus a patented Heat Exchanger that make this one of the quietest Furnaces on the market. And will give you 96 BTUs of heat for every 100 you pay for! So efficient; it’s vented with ABS pipe, which is sometimes the only solution in a tricky installation.

*Limited lifetime warranty on Heat Exchanger, 10 yrs on remaining parts.


Condensing Unit

RA16 Series

RA16 Series

Will deliver 16 SEER when paired with a Prestige Furnace, or 15 SEER when matched with the Classic Line. Makes a nice option when you want to bump up the efficiency without breaking the bank. Engineered to squeeze every BTU out of your dollar without using costly components or extravagant operation; keeping it reliable.

10 Year warranty on Compressor and all parts.


Comfortmaker Slim-Line Condensing Units

Suitcase shaped condensing units designed to fit into narrow places and walkways. Often the only solution when space is tight. 

HC4A Series

*5 Year Warranty on compressor and all parts


Need to Cool/Heat a small area?
We have the perfect solution for that too.

As a Fujitsu Authorized Dealer; We can design a ductless mini-split system to accomodate any sized room, or solve any imbalance problem you may have.

Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat

How would you like to have a Thermostat that programs itself, and gives you the ability to control the temperature in your home using your smartphone, tablet or computer, remotely? Let us introduce you to the new 3rd Generation.  Nest 

We can offer this at the lowest price you will find on the internet. And if we’re in your home, will install it, configure it to your system at no cost, even help you with the app. And as Nest Professionals; you will have a 5 year warranty on the Thermostat, when installed by us.  

A very popular upgrade, everyone loves them.