About Us

Soon after becoming an apprentice in the HVAC Industry, I knew that this was the type of work for my lifestyle. No time clock, traveling to different jobsites, working with my hands and being challenged. I was a hard worker, enthusiastic, enjoyed learning the trade and soon became a valued journeyman. Involved in an unsteady field, I worked for many different companies, some of them more than once, learning different concepts along the way. I decided to further my education by taking Air Conditioning and Refrigeration courses at Orange Coast College, then obtained my State Contractors License to start my own business. Now the same hard work and dedication go into jobs that have my own name on them.

As business grows, thoughts of expanding into more crews and hiring a salesperson are considered. But I am often criticized for being too difficult to please and considered a perfectionist, so we decide to stay small and be in full control of our finished product. We also learn that competing with professional salesmen is often a waste of time compared to leads that we get from referrals. So we decide to go with our strengths and focus on what I can do best; a quality job with workmanship that stands out. And this leads to satisfied customers and referrals that no advertising can produce.

These are lessons that we learned over twenty-five years ago.

While our philosophy of doing business and ‘old school’ ethics are deep rooted as much today as always, HVAC equipment is continuously changing. It’s a never ending process of learning and re-educating to fully understand today’s equipment and have the ability to offer homeowners the right options.

We have been installing Rheem products for well over twenty years and I attend all of the technical support classes offered by Rheem. Understanding all the special requirements needed to get the most out of the equipment is critical to us because we strongly feel that the most important part of the job is in the quality of the installation.